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in rough seas. >> tie bettans in san francisco ' -- the movement has been protesting on this date. scores of demonstrators gathered to make their voice heard loud and clear in front of the chinese consulate. >> trying to send a message cloud clear to the chinese government that enough is enough and we want our country back. that's what we're trying to convey. >> ama: tibetan's leader says the ultimate goal is to end the rule chinese to end the rule and for they dalai lama to return to his country. >> on monday, a restaurant will begin taking new reservations. they had to cancel reservations because of their electrical fire that damaged the front porch. entryaway and downstairs dining room. >>> right now a preopening philosophy for the exploratorium is bringing arts into the streets of san francisco. it's hands-on experience on the embark dare -- embarcadero. >> this part of the sunday street festival, designed to draw attention to the clearer toum which moves into its new location on april 17th. the big feature tonight is wound me. a mechanical octopus which, at 8:30 tonight, will emit fi
fans are converging in san francisco for the world baseball classic at tt at&t park. jerry -- sergio is live. reporter: it wasn't too long ago that san francisco started sunday parking meter enforcement, and if you have to find an open parking spot you'll notice some shocking new meter prices. it will now cost $7 an hour to park at a meter in this neighborhood. it's called special event parking, and from here on out, all special events at at&t park. including giants home gains, will be at this rate. the other change people should know about, meters will run in this neighborhood until 10 pl for these special events. now, the new parking price came as a shock to baseball fans hoping to catch the matchup between japan in puerto rico. >> have to think twice about coming up here or maybe do mass transit itch together. i don't know, $7 an hour is ridiculous. >> nelson and his family took mass transit into the city for the game so they did avoid the high parking prices. the new price is part of a new program by san francisco to manage the city's limited parking meter spaces, and if you do t
needed to start just start, building the massive rail line from southern california to san francisco and sacramento. the construction could not begin in less than four months this project is gaining momentum. leaders rushed to begin construction in july. the board voted to move ahead with authorizing the state to sell up to $8.6 billion in bonds, $3 billion used to start the first 130 segment in the central valley near merced. >> it's supposed to occur estimated number of debt that will be assessed include interesting on this. >> it all depends on wall street but the state is yugs a 6.a5% interest rate over 35 years. >> it's about $175 million per year to pay the debt service on that. >> the state has so much to settle if it wants to break ground this summer. the state doesn't have land yet to put tracks on. >> have you secured land yet? >> our staff is out with four different teams starting the process. >> there are two pending lawsuits, one questions the legality of the revised plan. the trains will be on high speed rail until just between the regions they'll switch over to existin
fitting that description call the police immediately. >> abc 7 news learned the san francisco nightclub where three men were shot this weekend closed doors forever. the shooting of club 330 rich not too far from at and t park was the worst nightclub violence in years. abc 7 news s.vic lee with today's developments. >> the shooting at 330 rich prompted the mayor to send a warning tonight club owner autos entertainment industry trying to have dialogue with me about more entertainment at night f nightclubs don't pick it up to prevent this we're not going to have that favorable response from the city. >> the ownerses of 330 rich said they'd had enough. >> they've surrendered their entertainment permit to us meaning it will never be 330 rich again. >> the executive director of the entertainment commission told abc 67 news she met with owners this morning and they told her they're shutting down 330 rich. three patrons were shot. one was sent to the hospital. witnesses said the shooting apparently started inside of the club after two men were arguing. shell casings found up the alley to a park
was killed. the people were killed yesterday in san francisco, san jose, and union city. this the most recent was in hayward. reporter: this officer-involved shooting ended right behind me here on foot foothill boulevardh this case a passenger is dead. the driver of the car who had been pulled over for speeding, hat been charged with two felonies, including homicide. this all started about a half a mile away from here at 3:20 this morning. >>> this crashed maroon honda civic shows the impact from at least eight gunshots. after union officer fired at the car after he tried to ram his patrol car. it hayes sunday morning. the car had been pulled over for speeding. the officer, who had a civilian in his car, tried to get the honda driver to get out. according to the police, the driver lunged the car at the officer, who fired at least ten times at the honda as it sped off. the officer had no choice. >> he drove at them. shots fired in the sense of -- fired at the direction of the driver. reporter: orange circles marked with the officer's spent shelz fell to the street. five shots hit the passenger
number of them come from our community. they're arrested it seems to be a majority rate in san francisco. >> every time there is a high profile officer involved shooting the taser rears it's head again. the latest debate triggered last year, officers shot and killed after he assaulted a co-worker on the embarcadero. the chief told the police commission then he believes tasers could save skplifs to start with, he wanted to arm certain officers with tasers. asking officers there are 74 of them now. >> the public information officer said it would be a way to test. >> we're saving lives it can be proven as a viable tool for officers to use. >> the police commission held public hearings and response to the chief request. it may vote next month. so, this letter from the officers for justice is timely. a leading opponent with a coalition on homelessness is excited to have a police group supporting her opposition. >> they can be lethal. we've had 173 deaths and a lot of lawsuits for excessive force. >> the police officer association position is contemporary to the one officers has taken. the pre
is outlining what college of san francisco has done to address 14 deficiencies bound by the commission for community and junior colleges. among them, city college told it had to find ways to become stable. so far, the college has lowered teacher salaries and cut back on the number of classes offered. much to the dissatisfaction of teachers and stud yentsz. >> trying to make our classrooms more crowded. people here earn too little. we have opposition but we're pulling together as best we can. >> still, college's financial outlook appears uncertain. labor contracts have yet to be renegotiated. among things the committee did not like was the college's low cash reserves only 3% that. is one deficiency they managed to fix. >> now, we're going to be at 5% starting this year. and we're going to go up to 8% after a few years. >> the board hopes what they presented will be enough to persuade the situation to withstand their accreditation. without it, the college dmot collect funds and would have to close. >> well, i -- students going to go? if they don't go here? from san francisco they're goin
>> in san francisco, leo villareal is about to be a household name. crews placed 25,000 l.e.d.lights on 300 of the vertical cables. here is how they looked last night. tonight at 9:00 p.m. official debut of the world's largest computer-animated light sculpture. >> look goods from what i saw. i think it's supposed to do more than what the practice. >> take a guess at how many people he'd zpokt feed. >> 200. >> tonight? >> 400. >> it's a boon for business north of the bridge and one that will have lingering affects two years or until the next time the bridge needs painting when lights come down. it's an $8 million whim. the bay bridge we thought we knew well, about to be bathed in a different light. >> it's true. people are more aware of the death. -- bridge and it brings something special to it. >> that is how long they keep permits value yismd by this installation being temporary there is a quality to it. only by being temporary can a piece of art become legendary. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you very much f you don't want to risk getting wet you can just watch it
here tonight at 6:00 economics of the america's cup yacht race will tlb a payoff? or will san francisco get stuck with a tab? >> new tonight surfers filed suit over access to a bay area beach why they have their sites set on a local billionaire. >> live doppler 7 hd, clear skies and continues to warm up. will it hit 80 degrees? the answer coming up. >> and what a bay area town might look like if it adopts the name of a dating web site. >>> america's cup coming to san francisco this summer as you know. supporters claim the benefits will be enormous. abc 7 news says avalos is calling for a public hearing tomorrow, mark? >> as you know john avalos represents the 11th district and is asking why should the city spend public money to help out an event that is sponsored by a billionaire? >> it was overtyped and doing yacht races for 1% are they things that support the best interests of people in san francisco? >> unclear. >> he says the city shouldn't spend a time on -- time on a yacht place. >> we have tree that's need maintenance. >> he says whatever money is spent will be going to the fat c
. now, from san francisco down towards south san francisco, pacifica area we're seeing very light rain as well. and heading out towards east bay, i mentioned oakland and hayward, foot hill boulevard light showers right now as you look towards milpitas san jose area. yellow not an indication of moderate rain. so we're seeing some rainfall right now around 880, airport boulevard, yes. evening commute starting to become wet. and i'll let you know. >> a devastated zment a weapons depot claimed seven lives when a round unexpectedly exploded during a life fire training exercise at the hawthorne army depot. tonight seven survivors now being treated for their injuries. >> the hospital tells me conditions of the marines have survived. four are in serious condition. one is discharged doctors say the seriously injured marine would not have survived had it not been for a medical helicopter 140 miles from here. three to four marines present firing off a round. >> it's a dangerous job. people don't realize. >> the retired navy man hit a live mortar before and didn't like it because of the danger. >>
. the san francisco public utilities commission is headed out to a field office in the west portal neighborhood where a water main broke. the city is taking extraordinary steps for those residents. however, a flood victim isn't happy with the treatment that he is getting. heather? >> the break here in west portal was unusual for the scope of the damage but watter pipe breaks are not exactly rare. there are 1200 miles of water pipe in this city, 200 miles of it more than a century old and at least one neighborhood has its own unique problem with pipes. repairs and testing rb going on here for months, maybe years. the san francisco p.u.c. will be opening a field office on west portal avenue to meet the needs. three homes are red tagged and might not be listed again. 23 homes were damaged by the february 27th water main break. >> with construction project swrez a field office but this is, i would say unusual we want to be here for the community. >> there is nowhere for water to go but up. >> it's a different story at the site of another water pipe break. >> it became a lake down here.
. >> at san francisco city hall a rally continues on city college. the college faces a deadline tomorrow, and could lose it's acred daigs if it fails to meet it. wayne freedman is live tonight with the story. wayne? >> that rally ended just seconds ago. less than a minute. a laurj crowd gathered. they're upset with how the university has been trying to deal with this accreditation report. administration feels confident bit. but changes at city college of san francisco have angered students and staff. they're theer let the mayor and city officials hear, and see them. by the time the students and staff arrived outside san francisco city hall and mayor ed le's office they had marched, shouted, they had pleaded to the city and administration for a voice. >> they shut out voice from students, from staff. they have just pushed through. >> since jult administration has struggled to appease a panel threatening for accreditation. they say they're confident. >> more financial accountability. a closer look at how we're managing our facilities. >> the cost come in class sizes and services. instead o
following jimmy kimmel live. >> san francisco musicians hitting the picket lines. 100 went on strike today. they say they've failed to reach an agreement over the symphony finances saying there is no proposal on the table. the only offer involve nose wage increase. >> that kind of an offer going to put us into a position we will not be able to hold on total yenlted players and won't be able to recruit tall yenlted available players in the pool out there. >> management disputes that claim saying it their proposal would have kept them among the three highest paid in the count try we have indicated to them in writing that we're preparing a new proposal we'd have ready for them, tomorrow. they knew that. and unfortunately decided to take this action. >> negotiations expected to resume tomorrow, a concert scheduled for tomorrow afternoon has been cancelled. >> organizers of the america's cup yacht race coming to san francisco this summer are trying to keep wind in the event's financial sails. they've scaled down the size of the event and projected pay day in terms of revenue as well. we're live
and woman. >> justices expected to rule by the end of june. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> the supreme court ruling as the culmination had years of litigation. 52% of california voter as proved the ban on gay marriage. about two years later in august 4th the judge struck down prop 8 and ruled gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry. okay. so a year and a half later on february 7th, a appeals court upheld a ban. that cleared a way to what happened. on december 7, 2012 the supreme court announced it would decide the constitutionality of prop 8. >> abc 7 news is traveling to washington, d.c. whether the supreme court will consider whether prop 8 wrongly denies gays and lesbians the right to marry. >> and new at 6:00 an 84-year-old pilot hurt his back when he crash landed a se -- cessna this evening. the plane was sh towed and the plane crashed after the gear collapsed during landing. the pilot says one of the feet became stuck since he was nairing the runway. >> that is good news. >> coming up at 6:00 protecting your privacy. new plan to keep e mail as way from police. >> m
54 degrees in san francisco. 61 in oakland. 64 in santa cruz. another live view from our camera looking back at sutro tower. readings 58 degrees in santa rosa. fairfield, 68. 59 hayward. moving to our forecast features giving you a look at what we can expect chance of sprinkles tomorrow. just a slight chance. showers possible thursday. there is a good chance of showers saturday. here is our image animation showing movement of that low pressure system brought us clouds and threat of sprinkles overnight. that is giving us mainly clear skies at the moment. we do have a series of weak disturbances moving our way. and some could produce showers, we'll start at 7:00 this evening, at which point skies will be mainly clear. but look for increasing clouds overnight. and we may have a chance of sprinkles overnight. by 5:00 the start of the rush hour there could be wet spots on the pavement. daytime hours we'll see a chance of sprinkles but they'll be light and so in fact we're quite dry compared to seasonal average. take a look at number of inches of rain we'll need to bring us up to norm
. buster posey being resigned by san francisco giants how does a nine year, $167 million contract sound to you? abc 7 news is live from the giants ballpark. the giants play a's tonight what. a big deal. >> this is a huge deal, dan. the a's taking batting practice behind me. this third year giant joined elite company. we're talking alex rodriguez and justin burlander today. a monster contract extension for posey. giants locking up the reigning nlmvp to the tune of $167 million. he's help lead giants to two world series titles in two years and manages the best pitching staff in baseball. >> hard to put into words right now what a feel. just knowing i'll be a part of this storied franchise, i'm humbled. to know i'll be a part of that. now, posey's nine year deal is the largest in franchise history. putting him on par with barry zito. and matt cane, five years, $127.5 million. if you're wondering buster is starting behind the plate tonight against a's. >> thank you, collin. jobs picture in california showing signs of improvement tonight. the rate fell to 9.6% in february when 41,000 jobs we
's kind a judge ordered a bicyclist to stand trial for felony vehicular manslaughter. san francisco police say he struck and killed a pedestrian last year. carolyn, we normally think of vehicular manslaughter involving a vehicle. >> and you're right. that is what makes this case unique. a landmark case is how one expert describes it. no comment from chris or his attorneys today them have been hoping to have the vehicular manslaughter charge reduced to a misdemeanor. instead, the judge ordered a trial. the 36-year-old accused of ramming his bicycle into a pedestrian in march. the victim, 71-year-old died days later, during preliminary hearing witnesses testified he was raising through red lights and stop signs. the defense argued he had the right of way. what the d.a.says there is evidence of negligence. >> he's -- selfish, motivations you snow his need for speed. and his behavior were completely horrible. >> golden gate university law professor calls this a landmark case that is putting bicycles on par with cars. >> probably if you looked 20 years ago or 10 years ago would it have been unl
will close during work hours. that means trains will late in oakland or san francisco until a train coming from the opposite direction exits the tube. the delays last for the next 14 months. >>> leigh glaser is checking our weather, which will be changing this work week. >> leigh: it certainly will be. we need some rain around her, and hopefully we'll get a few showers by the end of the work week. low clouds just off the coast moving inland. also, a stronger onshore wind component this afternoon, and check out the westerly gusts. sfo, 25 miles-per-hour. 21 gusts to half moon bay, we have 14 in oakland, novato, 8 miles-per-hour, and san jose, breezy, westerly wind at 12 miles-per-hour. highs today, we warmed up nicely. the high clouds still we us out there right now. santa rosa, 70. concord, 71. santa cruz, 73. the rooftop cam, looking down on the embarcadero. san carlos, 64. san jose, high clouds. 64. and santa cruz right now, 63. from our mt. tamalpais camera you can see high clouds already starting to develop across the bay area. santa rosa right now, 69. 71 in fairfield, and hay werd ri
's take a look live at our mount tam camera. temperatures 51 degrees in san francisco. 52 in san jose. another live view from our east bay hills camera looking at clear, and sort of rusty western sky. temperatures at this hour 52 degrees in santa rosa. forecast highlights show that we'll see clouds on the increase overnight tonight and tomorrow, rain arriving in the afternoon or early evening. and rain continue was showers. a beach hazard dangerous sneaker waves are possible, stay away from the water's edge. we'll loop it over the last 12 hours. that is enough to produce much-needed rainfall. the rain arrives tomorrow, we'll start at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, there may already about some light rain developing in the northern most part of the viewing area, then, during evening hours, the front sweeps down by 10:00 tomorrow night, we'll see lots of wet weather. the front sweeps through during overnight hours we'll see rain and showers behind that frontal system. throughout the day, webs, periods of rain tapering into wednesday night. another system poised to come in for thursday morning.
. here in the bay area a significant rainfall deficit n city of san francisco, we need about six and a quarter inches more rain to get us up to the normal levels at this time of the year. if we're to get average april amount it would put a modest dent. so it looks dry for the month of april. >> spencer, thank you. a 1-year-old boy is in the hospital following gunfire in richmond. it happened near first street and mcdonald avenue the little boy was inside of an apartment being fed when he was struck by either a bullet or debris from the shooting. abc 7 news just spoke with his dad who told us his live boy is going to be okay. >> i guess there is some fragments in his neck. i don't know what happened. but they took pieces out, something. i don't know. but i'm going to find out as soon as i go inside. >> that baby was rushed to children's hospital. police don't think the apartment was the target. a man riding near that home was shot in the leg. he took himself to the hospital. the shooter ran off. police are still looking for him tonight. >> gun control advocates gathering for a mar
was mauled and killed by a lion. >> san francisco may have lost 49ers but the two cities are united tonight in making a bid for the super bowl. >> a woman hires a company to find a missing cat. can the company track down a lost pet? i'm michael >>> a lion had to be put down after it tacked and killed a woman in fresno county today. happened just afternoon at the cat haven sanctuary in dunlap. investigators say a 26-year-old volunteer was inside of the cage when the lion attacked. deputy arrived to find her still alive. they shot and killed the lion, however, the woman died soon after. it's not yet clear what may have provoked the attack. >> the lion was shot and killed. our thoughts and prayer goes out to the firefighters and family and her family at this trying time. >> officials say cat haifen has a good safety record. the lion as you can see was a 4-year-old male. has been with the sanctuary since he was eight weeks old. >> the bay area hopes to host super bowl 50 at the new stadium in santa clairea. that game taking place in 2016 but league owners will make a decision in may. that is wh
during first two weeks of february. >> the san francisco 49ers got a victory this fwheek a courtroom. a judge ruled that the nfl team is entitled the money as part of the stadium deal. it became a free-for-all. schools wanted it and so did the governor. the judge ruled the deal before it disappeared. when the 49ers and raiders and every other team takes a field next season, the game will be played differently. under pressure, the nl made a major change. wayne freedman is here to explain new rules. >> we have seen rule change that's z.now we have a level playing field at least figure tiffly. it's a rule for offensive players running the ball. >> this is what we love about football. for those in the wrong place at the wrong time, also a flirtation with concussions. today the nfl made it more difficult to layout an opponent by making it illegal for players to leave leed with the tops of the helmets beyond the line of skrimish. >> bringing this shoulder back into this. we're not going not allow a runner to protect himself or the football. or to drop his head to protect himself against a
. another live view of the western sky from our camera, 60 degrees now in san francisco. 66 in san carlos, 57 in half moon bay. on we go to yet another live view from our camera here in downtown san francisco. temperatures right now 63 degrees in santa rosa. 65 in napa. 69 in fremont. we'll see clouds increasing and a chance of rain from light showers. tomorrow evening and perhaps, overnight into sunday. we need to remind you of this advisory through evening. we're going to have dangerous sneaker waves are available. pacific satellite image animating it up until now you can see not a lot of movement. clouds will be thickening as the cold front approaches us. starting at 7:00 in the morning we'll see lots of clouds around that will continue to move through the bay area skies tomorrow. when they see light showers clouds continue into sunday and by mid day sunday, we can see a couple more areas of light showers and we clear out and dry out and it won't be a wet weekend but just a chance of sprinkles here and there. overnight tonight lows dropping into mid to upper 40s. low 70s in the south b
illness but is well enough to stand trial. >> repair work continues in a san francisco neighborhood where a water main broke. the immediate crisis is over but now, residents have months of worrying and waiting head of them. abc 7 news joins us live tonight. heather? >> meft of the work centered on testing underground to locate utilities in advance of the two big next steps. those are geo technical testing to see how the soil is doing underneath the streets and homes, and replacing at least 400 feet of water mains ilts no secret a creek ran through here before homes were built over it. recent construction was seven homes in front of where these 16 inch underground water mains broke last week. that led to sink holes in places they'd never been before and three homes red tagged because of them. some were larmed when new homes were exempted. they worried about the water flow that construction might undermine landfill under existing homes, planning department confirmed the project was exempted from an eir we may never know if the construction played a role. it will be months of waiting and wat
-- skyscraper is going up in san francisco. officials broke ground today on the new transbay terminal at fremont and mission street. the 60 story tower rise next to the transbay terminal. this tower when done will be the tallest structure on the west coast. >> with this, what you see and when arrive in san francisco a super rapid change from los angeles or san diego, you'll be in this tower. >> spite the -- despite the height the building will allow fresh air into each site. >> the state of california filed suit today against you. and everyone else in the world. it's a strike against the lawsuits they expect to be filed targeting high speed rail project. suit filed on behalf of the high speed rail authorities names defendants in all persons interested covering everyone on earth, whoever is on the international space station as well. states sue now or forever hold your peace. construction is supposed to get underway this summer. >> coming up tonight women in combat. positive affect it could have on broken system of military justice allowing sex predators to go free. >> governor brown wants feds t
, temperatures 53 degrees in san francisco. 58 across the bay in oakland. 61 san carlos. in santa rosa. 61 in napa. and on we go to our forecast features. we'll see just some patches of fog overnight. mainly near the coast. tomorrow, sunny skies and very mild again, milder than today, highs into mid and perhaps above mid-70s. it will be cloudy on saturday. this is an important advisory. beach hazard we're going to have rough surf. you're advised to avoid rock outcroppings and jetties. now taking a look at satellite you can see over 12 hours not a lot of movement.óéwk÷ this system moving into our direction. so ridge holds up then changes coming up. starting at 7:00 this evening, overnight tonight we'll see low clouds and fog skirting the coastline. mostly clear skies inland and then, tomorrow, mainly sunny with high temperatures soaring but overnight tonight cool but not cold. lows to about 50. north bay lows into low 40s and then highs tomorrow mid to upper 70s in the south bay. low 70s on the peninsula. upper 60s to mid-70s in the north bay. low 70s in the east bay. here is the accu-we
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